Why are we crowdfunding

Hello Heritage fans.

You might have heard rippling like a rumour, (or announced boldly at the Heckington show) that we are going to run a crowdfunding campaign to save the Old King’s Head.

Why Crowdfunding?

Why are we doing this? What’s changed?

Heritage Lincolnshire has been championing the protection of Lincolnshire’s extraordinary buildings and landscapes for 25 years. And it’s been great. With eight interventions we have saved precious and significant buildings from being lost forever. Even more excitingly, we’ve connected with 400 000 people who have come to our events or volunteered with us, perhaps you’re one of our visitors!

However, the way in which heritage in the UK is supported is changing and this means new challenges for heritage organisations. We are moving with the times and rising to the challenge, yet new circumstance will affect how our heritage projects grow from now on. From funding to general protection of buildings and archaeological areas, caring for heritage is increasingly about how the community do it. Heritage invested in by the community will look and feel different as people pull together to support local projects.

With so many community based projects all across the county, we see this as an opportunity to bring people together to share and celebrate what we have done as a charity within communities for 25 years. With you we can ensure that the future of heritage is bigger better and even more accessible than ever before.

What does the future hold?

This change has a wonderful potential. By crowdfunding and campaigning to save the Old Kings Head we are doing something completely new. It is also something vitally important. Crowdfunding is an innovative approach for heritage, and as a result of everyone’s input, the completed project is going to be spectacular. Every day at Heritage Lincolnshire we have been researching, being supported by volunteers and meeting experts to create a future that reflects what’s most enchanting about Lincolnshire. We will make the most of the Fen Artisan Heritage that can only be found in this part of the world, from appreciation of the rare building techniques to brewing a new tipple made from the ingredients locked in the building itself. The amazing potential for this combination is what makes the Old King’s Head special. And we need to you help us to save the building.

There are secrets that tell us so much about how we live today buried in the brickwork of the building, and nestled among sheets of ancient documents that are only now being uncovered by volunteers who meet in our library every Wednesday. This is a community based campaign, which has already been launched through young film maker Jack Howard volunteering with us, the research of volunteers, and through the stories that have been shared with us.

The Science of Fundraising!

We are still applying to funding bodies, but the long and short of this ‘new’ era of heritage, is that there is less funding coming from our usual sources and more coming from people who genuinely enjoy heritage in its many forms and like us, and like you do not want to see it lost.

Although exciting this heritage is vulnerable because without action, there is a chance that it will be lost. Join our campaign, and the Old King’s Head will be a community resource for many years as we do what we do best. Save, share and celebrate heritage!

What’s next

Our crowdfunding campaign will launch on the 5th of October. But we have a lot to get done before then.

We’ve been studying Crowdfunding (although there is sadly no crowdfunding school so far!) and we know that it is not enough just to stick up a crowdfunding campaign and expect our dreams to come true. Actually, that’s how good ideas come to a swift end. Ideas need a team of people who believe in the future and that’s where you come In.

From now until we have completed our campaign, we invite you to join us and here’s how:

Step 1: Get yourself and everyone who you know onto our mailing list by going to our launch page.

Step 2: Come to our super exciting Food Festival to celebrate the launch of our crowdfunding event.

Step 3: visit the Old King's Head and learn about our story. You can get stuck in at our Food Festival!

Step 4: Choose your prize. On the 5th October our crowd funder will launch. With prizes commissioned by supporters many prizes are limited edition, so be sure that you get the prize that’s perfect for you.

Step 5: Share and celebrate. We will run the campaign until the 5th November. Share our campaign and tell us what you think of the prizes you have received and come to our celebration event on the 5th of November.

Need more information? Contact okh@heritagelincolnshire.org

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