Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity, Tattershall – Consultation

Client: Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity Consultation

Project total: £24,000

About the project:

The Tattershall church, castle, community, heritage and habitat project: Living, learning and growing together is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Heritage Lincolnshire are working with Holy Trinity Collegiate Church on the development of a tourism strategy and visitor experience by working with all partners in and around the Tattershall and Coningsby area.

The church and the castle have mostly been the focus for visitors to the area; however, there is a wealth of heritage and experience which is not yet celebrated to the full potential. This project aims to undertake consultation with the whole community and all stakeholders to develop a tourism strategy and plan a full day visitor experience to benefit the whole community.

Heritage Lincolnshire carried out public consultation, in the form of surveys to gather more information about the needs of tourists and residents such as what they would like to see improved in the area, why they visited etc. The information was gathered in the form of consultation report which highlighted key findings discovered during the public consultation stage. The consultation report was distributed to local businesses and was designed inhouse at Heritage Lincolnshire.

tattershall Holy Trinity booklet - Results from Consultation


From the results of this consultation, a robust tourism plan was created based on the findings gathered from the consultation report. The tourism plan provided strategies and information on ways of driving visitors to stay longer, boost the local economy and create partnerships. The tourism plan was also adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic, providing safer alternatives to engage with tourists and the community.

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