Grantham Trump Cards

Grantham has a heritage to be proud of, and a history which has left a mark.

Spectacular buildings such as St Wulfram’s Church hint at the wealth that Grantham gained from the medieval wool trade.  Fine inns, like the Angel and Royal and the George Inn are evidence of the hundreds of years that Grantham thrived as a town on the Great North Road, where weary travellers on the route from London to Edinburgh would rest for a night or two.
Industry has always been important too, with watermills, breweries, factories, and engineering works driving the economy, and bringing new innovations to the world, such as the first diesel engine, built by Hornsby & Sons in Grantham.

As part of the Grantham High Street Heritage Action Zone Project, InvestSK partnered with Heritage Lincolnshire and Grantham Civic Society to highlight 62 historic buildings and sites within the town through a fun card game based on the childhood favourite ‘Top Trumps’

The Grantham High Street Heritage Action Zone (HS-HAZ) Project is a £1.25Million programme funded by Historic England and South Kesteven District Council, which is being delivered by InvestSK. The project aims are to highlight, celebrate, and regenerate Grantham’s historic town centre from 2020-2024.  The four-year project aims to engage local people with the history that is all around them, creating opportunities to explore what makes Grantham unique.

Heritage Lincolnshire approached InvestSK to fund the ‘Grantham Trump Cards’ following the huge success of the Boston Trump Cards.  The Grantham Civic Society were also a key partner of the project and were keen to showcase the town’s heritage. Grantham Civic Society Treasurer Ruth Crook says, ‘’Grantham Civic Society are  pleased to be part of the Grantham Trump cards project.  We are delighted to promote the historic buildings of our town and the cards are a fun way to learn about them.‘’

The game is a fun way to learn about some of the town’s most historic buildings through a simple and entertaining card game which doubles up as guide to discover and engage with the historic town.  It also aims to be a sustainable and quality learning resource that local schools and community groups can use for educational purposes.

The cards, which showcase 62 of Grantham’s historic buildings and landmarks are available to purchase for £4.99 from a variety of outlets throughout the town including Grantham Museum, St Wulfram’s Church, Wyndham Park Shop, Christchurch, South Lincolnshire Blind Society, Grantham Guildhall, Belton House; National Trust and St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice.  Wherever you chose to purchase your set of cards from, that business will be able to profit from you supporting the project, raising funds for local charities and heritage organisations.

Paisley Paddison, Fundraising Officer at St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice says, ‘’We were delighted to be approached to sell the Grantham Top Trumps cards in our charity shops, and I think these are a wonderful idea to educate people on the history of our local area. It is a wonderful gesture to donate profits to our charity. Just to put that into perspective, each pack sold could fund a three-course meal for a patient receiving specialist care in our Grantham Hospice in the Hospital.”

If you were a local school or community group they were able to claim some free packs for educational purposes from at InvestSK.

Heritage Lincolnshire’s Business Manager Hannah Thompson says, ‘’We are so proud to be a part of this project.  The cards are a great way to showcase what amazing heritage we hold within the town; for local people as well as visitors. The best bit is that we can support some extremely valuable organisations by allowing them to sell the cards especially after the challenges of the past year.’’

Councillor Rosemary Trollope-Bellew, South Kesteven District Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture and Visitor Economy, said: ‘Grantham has fantastic heritage, and I am thrilled that the Grantham Trump Cards will give people an opportunity to discover and learn about the town.
As well as celebrating the more well-known historic buildings the game also highlights some of the hidden gems to be found.  
We are grateful to our partners at Grantham Civic Society who contributed over 100 volunteer hours to the project, and we hope that people will be inspired to explore Grantham’s history, while supporting some very deserving local organisations.’

A small launch event took place on Thursday 27th April at Grantham House with local Councillors and representatives from some of the local charities that were supported by the project thanks to sales of the packs.

Would you like to get your hands on your own pack of Grantham Trump Cards?  Limited stock available from our online shop;

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