Love Tattershall Tourism Project

Client: Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity

Project Total; £21,600

About the Project:

Following the results of the consultation with Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity, a robust tourism plan was created based on the findings gathered from the report. To find out more about the Consultation please go to our Case Study Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity, Tattershall – Consultation


The tourism plan provided strategies and information on ways of driving visitors to stay longer, boost the local economy and create partnerships.

Working with the local business community and other stakeholders, they were to develop a concept that would become self-sustainable and enable them to showcase everything that Tattershall had to offer.  This developed into the ‘Love Tattershall Passport‘ and was written and designed by Heritage Lincolnshire.

The tourism plan was also adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic, providing safer alternatives to engage with tourists and the community.

Schools Engagement 

As part of the process of designing the Tattershall Passport, it was felt that involving the local schools would be a good way of engaging local children.  Our community and education specialists designed a bespoke half day workshop, which was offered to the local primary schools, focusing on history and geography skills to help the students understand their local area.  They were also able to choose their favourite buildings, and design routes in a group together to help guide people around the local area.  We even tied in mathematics when we worked out how long the routes were and how long they would take!  The buildings and routes were then passed back to the Love Tattershall group, to help show them what the children of the area thought was important, and should be celebrated.

Love Tattershall Passport

Part of Heritage Lincolnshire consulting on the project, led to the creation and development of the ‘Love Tattershall Passport

Working with the Tattershall stakeholders, they detailed how they wanted to engage all local businesses and guide people around the village to find historic interest points, visit the local businesses and engage children to have fun whilst visiting.  Below is the concept that has been designed alongside a few of the pages from within the passport. The map was the middle page of the passport and was a watercolour artwork piece created.

The Passport was launched online ready for the 2021 Easter weekend and was available as a free download. Over that weekend there were over 200 downloads from the website.

Love Tattershall Event Day – Sunday 4th July 2021

The event wasn’t quite what the team had planned in 2020, but the team still ensured that they celebrated everything that Tattershall had to offer.  Throughout the day, there were stands around the village showcasing the different things people can enjoy when visiting the village.  From the incredible Tattershall Castle, meeting new animal friends at Tattershall Farm Park or enjoying some water fun at Tattershall Water Park, there is so much to enjoy!  This event marked the official launch of the new ‘Love Tattershall Passport’ that allowed people to self-navigate around the village and discover some of the amazing history and heritage spots, including the smallest grave of a 101 year old man, to the bats that live in the church.

To find out more about the passport please go to or follow the team on their social media platforms;  Facebook and Instagram

The evaluation report was completed by Bright Culture: Arts & Heritage, People & Places, Stories & Spaces 

Here is a summary report to view that gives an overview of the project:

Love Tattershall Evaluation Summary