Invitation To Tender – Evaluation Consultant.

“Mr Grimsby & Mr Cleethorpes – The astonishing legacy of Edward Watkin”


Heritage Lincolnshire (HTL), in partnership with The Watkin Society, are looking to appoint an appropriately qualified individual or organisation to evaluate “Mr Grimsby & Mr Cleethorpes – The astonishing legacy of Edward Watkin”, made possible thanks to support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF). North East Lincolnshire is a current Area Focus for the NLHF and initial development funding for this project has been received through a North East Lincolnshire Council NLHF Heritage Starter grant.


Mr Grimsby & Mr Cleethorpes – The astonishing legacy of Edward Watkin is a National Lottery Heritage funded project, which is being delivered by HTL in partnership with the Watkin Society.

Operating for over 30 years, HTL is a county-wide charity, with the aim to investigate, conserve and celebrate the county’s rich heritage for everyone who lives, works in and visits Lincolnshire. During their first 25 years, they successfully raised over £25million of funding for heritage projects across the county including the restoration of nine historic properties. The Watkin Society is a newly established Community Interest Company (CIC), which seeks to raise the profile of both Absalom and Edward Watkin, true pioneers of the Victorian age, but now largely forgotten.

Through a strong working relationship with five local schools, our 20-month project will use the legacy of the 19th century entrepreneur and visionary, Edward Watkin to engage and inspire the young people of Grimsby and Cleethorpes. Key to the project will be the production of a suite of National Curriculum relevant material at both primary and secondary level, providing rich and inspirational content for local schools to share with their pupils to foster debate, ignite curiosity and widen horizons. Concurrently a small number of ‘Digital Heritage Ambassadors’ from local schools, will work with a specialist digital agency, to co-create an accessible digital suite of materials to offer additional interpretation of Watkin’s legacy (for both towns) through mechanisms such as augmented reality, produced for use both within and outside school environments. These digital and educational materials will be launched at a high profile event involving the local school communities coming together to showcase the achievements of pupils and project legacy.


The proposed evaluation framework and methodology should be grounded in the principles laid out in the NLHF’s evaluation guidelines. The evaluation should seek to demonstrate through robust data analysis that both the approved purposes and key project outcomes have been met. Evidence used should be both qualitative and quantitative and the successful applicant will be expected to propose a range of different data collection methodologies which will assist to tell an objective story of project delivery and achievements.


The main objectives of the evaluation will be:

i) To set a baseline, devise a framework and data collection methodologies which HTL can use during project delivery (this may also include some direct data collection by the evaluation consultant). In particular, focus should be placed on the impact of the youth Digital Heritage Ambassadors programme.

ii) Through collated data analysis to measure success in delivering the project’s approved purposes and outcomes.

iii) To objectively review the project and report on areas of learning and further development for the future, making grounded and realistic suggestions to measure longitudinal outcomes once the project has completed.

Whilst the approved purposes will be determined by the NLHF based on the project application, the proposed project outcomes are as follows:

– A wider range of people will be involved in heritage (mandatory NLHF outcome)

– People will have developed skills

– Heritage will be identified and better explained

– People will have learnt about heritage, leading to change in ideas and actions

– The funded organisation will be more resilient


This work will commence on the appointment of the successful candidate in November 2023 with a project start up meeting and immediate development of an evaluation framework for data collection. Work will complete with production of an evaluation report, ready for submission as part of the end of project report to the NLHF in July 2025.


The maximum fee available for this work is £6000, this includes all travel and expenses and is also inclusive of VAT (if applicable).

How to apply

Please provide a covering letter demonstrating your suitability for this work, along with three examples of similar project evaluations you have undertaken within the last five years. You should also provide a short methodology statement demonstrating how you would undertake this contract, which should include an associated cost breakdown of activities. This can be presented as a written statement, project timeline with key milestones, series of illustrative diagrams or a mixture of a number of different approaches. However, your methodology statement should not total more than 4 sides (excluding your covering letter) and should specify your proposed data collection methods (including both digital and non-digital mechanisms), along with how your knowledge and experience would bring added value to this evaluation work. You should email any tender queries along with your final submission to according to the timetable below.

Submissions will be assessed on a basis of:

Element Weighting

Consultant skills and experience (including case studies) 30%

Methodology (including project plan/timetable) 30%

Fee proposal 40%

Submission Timetable

The timetable for submitting a tender of this work is as follows:

Date Process

23.10.23 Deadline for questions to Anna Hartley (as per above email)

30.10.23 Response to all questions circulated in one document to interested parties

20.11.2023 Deadline for tender submission to Anna Hartley (as per above email)

27.11.2023 Successful appointment will be made subject to NLHF approval timescales

Please note, Heritage Lincolnshire and the Watkin Society retain the right not to appoint and to re-advertise the contract if there are not a suitable number of tender returns of sufficient quality to satisfy funder requirements.