Boston `Do Something New´ Event a Great Success

Working in partnership with Boston Community Volunteer Service (CVS) and St. Botolph´s Church, the Trust´s volunteers organised the opportunity for fifteen different local voluntary organisations to come along and showcase what they do. Among these were the Boston Preservation Trust, two Lincolnshire Walking Festivals and the Bennington Trust (all currently supported by Heritage Lincolnshire), whilst Home Start, the Hanseatic League, Boston Community Transport and other local charities were also represented.

Comments from some of the 280 visitors to Heritage Lincolnshire´s volunteer `Do Something New´ event held in Boston on January 30th 2019.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire´s new reporter Linsey broadcast live on the Melvyn Prior show throughout the morning, interviewing exhibitors and visitors.

Whilst Heritage Lincolnshire was represented as a charity looking to recruit new volunteers, the event also allowed us to raise wider awareness of wider volunteering opportunities and led the way, working in partnership with the Boston CVS, as community facilitators.

The day was a huge success, with everyone reporting that they had signed up new volunteers. One exhibitor told us that he was encouraged to continue because of the degree of interest his group had received and the good networking opportunities that the event provided.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the event, both as organisational representatives and as visitors.


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