The Heritage Thunderclap!

The Heritage Thunderclap!

When we shout together we shout louder. That is the theory that powers the Thunderclap: an online event created for social media to have a big social impact.

How does it work?

To Thunderclap, you sign-up in your own time so that on a pre-set date, altogether our social media accounts promote a cause we believe in. Once you have signed-up you don’t have to do anything else. Thunderclap takes care of everything. (Although you can always share and promote our Thunderclap to maximise support!)

It’s so easy. Join our Thunderclap which we will be promoting on social media so follow us to get involved.

Remember to invite your friends and family to join in for maximum impact!

Our Story

At Heritage Lincolnshire we are crowdfunding to save Tudor coaching inn, The Old King’s Head. This campaign is vital because, after two rounds of emergency works there is a long way to go before this rare and important piece of local history is in the clear. We have received grants, expert advice and volunteer support.

The next stage of our campaign to Save the Old King’s Head  is one designed especially for you to be a part of. We invite you to take a role in transforming this building into an inspiring multi-use community space and four star B&B. Together we are doing everything that we can, but it is the support of the community that will make the difference.

This is where you come in

By joining in you help us to increase the exposure of our Save The Old King’s Head campaign, this is essential at the critical point before the crowdfunding campaign begins.

Our crowdfunding campaign will launch on 10th October 2017. We will offer prizes in exchange for your pledges. Keep an eye one prizes and gifts which we will be sharing as part of our campaign on

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