Join in the fun and have your say!

Join in the fun and have your say!

Two free public open days on 15th and 16th September offering a unique opportunity for visitors to look inside the historic Boston Sessions House and have their say on its possible future uses.

Experience the thrills and excitement of Vertical Dance Company performing aerial dance on the front of the building, suspended many metres above the ground!

Visit the cells to see people whittling wood and listen to folk songs, maybe much as prisoners might have done in years gone by.

Ascend to the dock before witnessing the dramatic performance by Egg Box Theatre in the courtroom. rooms, including the waiting rooms and judge’s chamber.

There will be timed tours every 45minutes from 10.00am and the last tour at 3.00pm. Please note that there will not be parking available outside the Sessions House.

The arts and cultural activities have been curated by Transported as part of their remit to engage more people in the arts in Boston and South Holland.

Also attending - Boston Woodcarvers, The Hanse Project, The Illuminate Project, Ceramics Group, New Perspectives, Accordion player Danny Pedlar and refreshments by Boston More in Common.

Don’t miss this spectacular one off event!

You can also give us your ideas for the future use of the building by answering these questions:

Boston Sessions House Survey

Data protection. Your personal details will be kept completely confidential and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Our aim is to not be intrusive and we won't ask irrelevant or unnecessary questions. It is your choice to answer the questions regarding your personal details. If you do choose to answer them, this will help us make informed decisions. This will help us to analyse if we have engaged with the communities that are affected by this activity. All answers will remain anonymous and only used for the purpose of this activity.
  • High priorityMedium priorityLow priorityNot a priority
    See a reuse for the building
    Conservation of the building
    Exterior of the building
    Interior oif the building
    Panelled room
    Furniture and documents
    Surrounding area to the building
  • We have been thinking about future uses for the building. Rating 5 as very good and 1 as low, what would you consider to be an appropriate future use? It is likely that a future use will have to be a mixture f uses due to the size of the building and the need to generate an income to maintain it. Any use must also complement and not replace other existing venues and facilities.
    Night club/bar
    Arts or music facility
    Small business units
    Community space
    Educational use
    Special events such as weddings/conferences
  • Please give us your email address if you would like to be kept informed about this project.
  • Just the first part, eg. LN1

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