Boston Townscape Heritage Project – Engagement

Client: Boston Borough Council

Project cost: £1.8 million

About the project: Heritage Lincolnshire and Boston Borough Council are working together to deliver the Boston Townscape Heritage Project funded through a partnership between National Lottery Heritage Fund and Boston Borough Council. This project will rejuvenate and restore the town’s historic centre as well as improve facilities for local people and boost the local economy.

As part of engaging the community we work on various projects such as:

The Boston Youth Ambassadors Programme we are working with Lincolnshire Community Volunteer Services (LCVS) to provide opportunities for young people aged 16 to 25 to improve personal, professional and creative development. Offering access to CV building workshops, career advice, work-based skills training, traditional building skills, as well as opportunities to get involved in heritage and arts events.

Boston Heritage Skills Festival hosts various events to engage the public with their local heritage through understanding traditional building techniques, materials and learning how to protect and maintain historic buildings. The Boston Skills Festivals 2020 hosted a range of events including an Earth Building Masterclass, Introduction to Building Recording, Unearthing Boston’s Heritage Tours, Building Materials of Boston Talk, and a day long talk on Maintaining, Sustaining and the Retrofitting of Historic Buildings.

Boston’s Hanse Day taking place every May in partnership with the Boston Hanse Group. Hanse Day offers a wide range of medieval demonstrations and activities that celebrate Boston’s heritage as part of the Hanseatic League.

Historic Boston (UK) Trump Cards we have worked with Boston Big Local and Boston Preservation Trust to create the Historic Boston (UK) Trump Cards, which are the first of their kind. We aim to engage the community with their local heritage in a fun and interactive way. It is a great way for all ages to come together to play a game and learn more about the rich built environment in their town. The cards are also being sold by local charities and historic buildings, who will keep the profits to go back into their businesses and buildings to support them.

Full case study on the Boston Trump Cards coming soon…..