Sleaford Trump Cards

Thanks to Cultural Recovery funding, Heritage Lincolnshire has partnered with The Sleaford Museum and Sleaford District and Civic Society to highlight 62 historic buildings and sites within the town and surrounding villages through a fun card game based on the childhood favourite ‘Top Trumps’. The sale of the cards will support Sleaford Museum and Heritage Lincolnshire; both local charities in the area.

The cards, which showcase 62 of Sleaford and surrounding villages’ historic buildings and landmarks are available to purchase for £4.99 from Heritage Lincolnshire’s online shop and from in the Museum.

Mark Bamford, Chairman of the Sleaford Museum says, ‘The Sleaford Museum Trust has been delighted with the publication of the “Sleaford and the Villages Trump Cards” which were the result of a very productive collaboration between the Museum, the Sleaford, and District Civic Trust and Heritage Lincolnshire.  The production and marketing advice from Heritage Lincolnshire has been instrumental in the rapid production of the cards to such a high standard and we consider them to be a tangible asset in encouraging public engagement with the heritage offer from the Town and the surrounding area.  A very worthy and creditable application of the Cultural Recovery Fund

Hannah Thompson, Business Manager of Heritage Lincolnshire told us, ‘’We cannot wait to get the Sleaford Trump Cards out there in the community.  They are a great way for people to learn about the historical importance of their local town and have a bit of fun with it too. Heritage Lincolnshire has now successfully delivered the same concept in both Boston and Grantham, so we cannot wait for Sleaford to be the next Lincolnshire town to get their own Trump Cards.’’

The aim of producing the Trump Cards is to broaden the reach of heritage by translating it into a card game that can double up as guide cards for members of the public to discover and engage with Sleaford and the surrounding villages.  Heritage Lincolnshire has previously developed card packs for Boston and Grantham, which have been hugely popular.


Launch Event –  Saturday 9th July 2022 

A launch event was held on Saturday 9th July 2022 at Sleaford Museum to celebrate the official launch of the cards.  The Mayor of Sleaford welcomed guests at 11am alongside the Town Crier officially announcing the cards launched!

There was a free guided walking tour around Sleaford Town Centre with Heritage Lincolnshire’s Project and Sites Officer Charlotte Davey, which is based on the Sleaford Explorer Trail.

Everyone enjoyed the event and over 60 packs were sold to local residents who came along to enjoy the festivities.


Get Your Own Cards

The Sleaford Trumps Cards, as well as the Boston and Grantham versions are now available to purchase online and in Sleaford Museum. Get yours now from our website!



Check Out a Sample of the Cards in the Sleaford Pack:

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