Saving the Old King’s Head

Together We Can Save The Old King's Head!

We are CrowdFunding to save the Old King's Head. We are very nearly ready to launch into the bonanza of a building restoration project. We have just carryied out the second round of emergency works. By joining our crowdfunding page you can help make the dream to Save the Old King’s Head a reality.

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With beautiful architectural designs guiding the way, and an expert team with us every step, we will bring you a venue that is enchanting in the past, present and future.

Be part of this campaign by joining our crowdfunding page!

The Story

In 2016, responding to local fears over the well being of the building, we successfully fundraised to purchase, and carry out emergency works for the Old King's Head.
Murder Mysteries and a Food Festival have been inspired by The Old King's Head. And we have received countless testimonies to its significance in the community. Without your help this building at risk may disappear and take it's secrets with it.

We can't let this happen! As a charity we have saved eight buildings when no one else could. After saving buildings we always hope to see them put to good use. This project is significant as we will work together with local producers to reopen The Old King's Head as a B&B, deli and community hub. Without your help this building wont survive. But with your help the Old King's Head will be a space with a bright future and, as we hope to stock local produce as part of a thriving business, we will also be part of creating opportunities for the community.

What is the Old King's Head?

The Old Kings Head is a stunning, rare example of medieval coaching inn. The inn has a vibrant and sometimes scandalous history as each of the 36 known landlords moulded it in their own image.

Why is This Grand Old Building in the Fenlands?

Kirton is located on the once bustling route from London to Boston. Boston was an important international port from 1100s onward, it made sense for the Wybeard family, first known owners of the Old King's Head in 1625, to build an inn that stood proud at the heart of Kirton, making the most of this busy highway. The pub was built in the now extremely rare Fenland Artisan Mannerism style (If you look up Fenland Artisan Mannerism, the Old King's Head comes up as the first result!). Seeing a the red-brick building in the fenlands would have been awe-inspiring as brickwork had only recently been re-learned in the UK in the Tudor period, furthermore, in relatively isolated Lincolnshire fashions would often take many years to catch up, making innovation significant.

A Jam Packed History

A lot can happen in 400 years and the more we research the more we learn and our discoveries will be shared on our website. The inn's last landlord left in the 1970s and the building remained in residential use until we purchased it in 2016 encouraged by the concerned community and local council. We can't wait to learn more, and share more with you.

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We are starting our crowdfunding campaign. We are releasing prizes and gifts so that you will be personally thanked for your pledge (if you wish). So don't miss out, and don't let us miss out!

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