An Introduction to Medieval Cookery


A fascinating morning!

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Join us, in person, at this foodie workshop where we will explore the following as an introduction to Medieval Cookery:

You’ll explore medieval tastes, looking in particular at spices, herbs, sugar and flavourings.  We will then show you how to make Gyngerbrede (gingerbread) the medieval way. Subtleties including pastries, and marchpane (marzipan) were often found at a Medieval Lord’s table.  We will be using wooden moulds,  food colouring,  pastry and marzipan to create these subtleties.  We will explore what else would be found on the Lord’s table; fruits, animals, shields and for the really ambitious a fabulous beast such as unicorn or dragon! We will look at some of the more unusual recipes from the Medieval times, including where they came from.  We will also have a go at a translation from old English and make sure you can take a recipe or two to try at home. Where possible we will provide for you any unusual spices from our spice box. You will need to bring your own apron as you will be making Marchpane Subtleties and Jusselle Dates and decorating the Gingerbread – it might get messy!

General information about Forgotten Fare:

Forgotten Fare is a mother and daughter partnership, specialising in the recreation of food and drink of late medieval and Tudor times. This led them to food and cooking in later periods including, Victorian, Medieval, WW1 and vintage 20th Century.

One really common comment they received from the public is “How do you know all this stuff?”. Behind every re-enactment, be it Roman, medieval or Second World War, there is an enormous amount of hard work, dedication and research.  Find out the lengths people will go to just to ‘get it right’ for both the public, and academics, working out how something was used, quantities and timings for recipes when no instructions are provided. How do you source  replica artefacts, materials, recipes (not just food!)? Find out!

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