Handwriting Analysis for Fun


Delivered by Joanne Larner.

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Join us, online, as we host an interesting, and entertaining, talk by Joanne Larner.

Handwriting Analysis for Fun

Have you ever wondered how you can get to know someone’s secret feelings? Have you ever sabotaged yourself and don’t know why? Do you want to get an insight into others? Do you want to change something about your own personality? Handwriting can tell you all about these things and more! It can tell if you are introvert or extrovert, your mood, your state of health, whether you are open or reserved, intellectual or an airhead, sexy or shy and much, much more. This talk is meant as a light-hearted introduction to handwriting analysis and is excellent fun – there will also be a chance to analyse your own and others’ handwriting.

Date: Friday 17th November 2023

Time: 7pm

Venue: Online

Tickets: £8 member / £10 non-member.

Notes on the speaker:

Joanne was born in Islington, London, but now lives in Rayleigh Essex, with her husband, John, and two dogs, Jonah and Hunter. She is a Registered Osteopath but has an eclectic and extensive mixture of hobbies and other interests as well. She reads voraciously and when she becomes interested in a new subject, she goes into it as deeply as she possibly can and researches it thoroughly. Some have been part of her life for decades and others are newer. She became interested in Handwriting Analysis after her son gave her a book about it.

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