Hattin and the conquest of Jerusalem, 1174-1187


A new series of talks by the popular speaker, Dr Nic Morton.


The Crusades to the Near East, 1095-1187

Join us, online, as we welcome back Dr Nic Morton with his new series of talks.

Hattin and the conquest of Jerusalem, 1174-1187

This period marks a climax in the history of the Crusader States.  During these years, the ongoing expansion of Saladin’s empire placed the Crusader States under increasing pressure and by the 1183 he controlled most of their landward borders.  This talk discusses the invasions, alliances, and commercial treaties of this period and their culmination in 1187 at Saladin’s great victory over the kingdom of Jerusalem at the battle of Hattin. In particular we shall focus in particular on Saladin himself, considering the events that shaped his career, his commitment to holy war, and the development of his reputation both in the Muslim world and Western Christendom.

Date: Monday 5th December 2022

Time: 7pm

Venue: Online

Tickets: £5 member / £8 non-member. A combination ticket for all talks in the series is £15 members / £25 non-members.

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