Jane Seymour and Anna of Cleves, the Wives with Afterlives


A new series of talks from the popular speaker, Carol Ann Lloyd.


The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Personality and Politics

Join us, online, as we welcome back Carol Ann LLoyd with her new series of talks.

Talk 3: Jane Seymour and Anna of Cleves, the Wives with Afterlives

After nearly three decades on the throne, Henry VIII was desperate for a son and heir—and Jane Seymour delivered. Her role as the mother of his only son is how Henry memorialized Jane, inserting her into a family picture nearly a decade after her death. But what more do we know about Jane? Although she’s often described as meek and mild, the anti-Anne Boleyn, Jane was deliberate in her pursuit of the king and the crown. She’s more complicated than we often think.

After Jane’s death, Henry sought a new wife quickly, but it took him more than two years to find someone who would agree to marry him. Eventually Anna of Cleves, sister of the Duke of Cleves and the only woman Henry didn’t pick for himself, became wife number four. She has earned the nickname “Flander’s Mare” (something Henry himself did NOT call her) and it’s often thought her looks turned the king against her. But when she arrived in England she didn’t know how to play the court games the king loved. Even so, Anna learned the rules quickly and, when Henry asked her for an annulment, managed to receive a generous settlement and live out his reign as the King’s Sister and survive into the reign of Mary I.

Date: Wednesday 15th March 2023

Time: 7pm

Venue: Online

Tickets: £8 member / £10 non-member. A combination ticket for all talks in the series is available and saves you money.

About the speaker: Carol Ann Lloyd is a popular speaker, author, and podcaster who brings the stories of history and Shakespeare to life. She presents programs for Smithsonian Associates, Royal Oak Foundation, English Speaking Union, Folger Shakespeare Library, OLLI at George Mason University, and more—online and on stage. Her podcast, British History: Royals, Rebels, and Romantics, explores the lives of famous and infamous characters in history. She is currently working on a book, Tudors by the Numbers, which is scheduled for a fall 2023 release.

Carol Ann also speaks about how Shakespeare can help us develop effective conversation and interpersonal skills. She is the author of Building Relationships, One Conversation at a Time, and an Audible book, How to Build Meaning Relationships through Conversation. Carol Ann is now offering “Shake Up Your Conversations” programs to strengthen communication and engagement skills. She is a member and on the board of the Washington, DC chapter of the National Speakers Association.

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