Recorded Talk – Setting the [Fashion] Scene: Born/Bourne in the early 19th century


A series of fascinating talks!

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Are you interested in fashion / fashion history?  Did you know that one of Europe’s and North America’s most influential 19th century fashion designers was born in Lincolnshire? That our modern understanding of brand and ‘brand identity’ began with the ‘House of Worth’ fashion brand that he established?

Bourne Arts & Community Trust, in association with the V&A and Heritage Lincolnshire is delighted to present the following talks programme about the life and work of Charles Frederick Worth, as part of their NLHF Connected Communities project:

Charles Frederick Worth: An International Fashion Brand

Talk 1: Setting the [Fashion] Scene: Born/Bourne in the early 19th century

Date: Tuesday 6 September

Time: 2pm

Venue: Recording – to be available within 48hours after the live talk.

Tickets: £6 each.

The other talks in the series are:

Talk 2. Lincolnshire and London: Shopping for clothes (1825-1845) on Saturday 10 September 2pm

Talk 3. Paris, London, New York: C F Worth and the Birth of Couture (1845-1896) on Wednesday 14 September 6pm

Talk 4. The House of Worth in a connected world (1896 to now) on Friday 16 September 4pm

Tickets for the online ‘live’ talk are available too.

All proceeds are going to Wake House BACT