The Second Crusade and the rise of Saladin, 1144-1174


A new series of talks by the popular speaker, Dr Nic Morton.


The Crusades to the Near East, 1095-1187

Join us, online, as we welcome back Dr Nic Morton with his new series of talks.

The Second Crusade and the rise of Saladin, 1144-1174 

This talk provides a panoramic overview of the Near East in the mid twelfth century.  It explores the evolving relations between the area’s leading protagonists: the  Zangid Empire (a major power controlling much of Northern Syria and the Jazira), the Crusader States (a heavily fortified group of states strung out along the Levantine coast), and the Fatimid caliphate (a wealthy empire ruling Egypt).  Warfare and diplomacy between these societies provide the backdrop for this talk yet, in and amongst the treaties and marching armies, we shall also discuss the merchants traversing the region carrying goods from across Eurasia and Africa, pilgrims seeking out the holy places of their faith, and artisans and architects from many cultures sharing new ideas and inspirations.   Within this complex ecosystem, new crusading forces arrived from Western Christendom, artisans and mercenaries traversed the area looking for patrons and employers, and new leaders rose to prominence who would decisively shape the course of future events.

Date: Monday 14th November 2022

Time: 7pm

Venue: Online

Tickets: £5 member / £8 non-member. A combination ticket for all talks in the series is £15 members / £25 non-members.

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