The Templars and the wars of the Crusader States


A new series of talks from the popular speaker, Nic Morton.


The Templar Talks 

Join us, online, as we welcome back Dr Nic Morton with his new series of talks.

Talk 2: The Templars and the wars of the Crusader States

During the years 1097-1099, the armies of the First Crusade established three – later four – territories in the Near East, known collectively to historians as the “Crusader States”.  From their very beginnings all these states were deeply embattled and throughout the Twelfth Century their rulers fought many wars against – or in alliance with – neighbouring powers across the region.  In this environment there was a mounting need for troops, fortifications, logistical support and money.  This talk explores how the Knights Templar and their sister order, the Knights Hospitaller, played a major role in the wars of this era, garrisoning castles, providing companies of warriors, conducting diplomacy and gathering funds.  We shall examine the great castles they created and the way they were viewed by their admirers and adversaries.  We shall also discuss the problems they posed for the Crusader States’ rulers as their growing power increasingly made them difficult to control.

Date: Monday 20th February 2023

Time: 7pm

Venue: Online

Tickets: £8 member / £10 non-member. A combination ticket for all talks in the series is £24 members / £30 non-members.

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