The Templars in the British Isles and Western Europe


A new series of talks from the popular speaker, Nic Morton.


The Templar Talks 

Join us, online, as we welcome back Dr Nic Morton with his new series of talks.

Talk 3: The Templars in the British Isles and Western Europe

The Knights Templar had a major presence in Lincolnshire, just as they did across many parts of Christendom, but what were these lands for?  The Templars are best known for their wars in the Near East so why did they devote time and resources to building up their presence in regions many hundreds or thousands of miles away from the frontier?  This talk explores the vast network of estates that the Templars constructed during the Twelfth and Thirteenth centuries across almost every country in Western Christendom.  It discusses how their involvement in banking, shipping, agriculture and local politics all played their part in supporting the Templars’ ongoing efforts either to defend or to conquer the Holy Land.

Date: Monday 20th March 2023

Time: 7pm

Venue: Online

Tickets: £8 member / £10 non-member. A combination ticket for all talks in the series is £24 members / £30 non-members.

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