Nicholaa de la Haye; the Heroine of Lincoln Castle – 17th March 2022


Nicholaa de la Haye; the heroin of Lincoln Castle



Join us, and Sharon Bennett Connolly, as she delivers an interesting talk online:

Nicholaa de la Haye; the Heroine of Lincoln Castle

Sharon Bennett Connolly talks about the remarkable career of Nicholaa de la Haye, the hereditary castellan of Lincoln Castle. Nicholaa came into prominence in the reigns of Richard I and King John. A staunch supporter of John, Nicholaa held Lincoln Castle throughout the Magna Carta Crisis and the subsequent First Barons’ War.

In 1217, Nicholaa defended the castle against a combined force of English rebel barons and their French allies; had the French and rebel army won Lincoln, it would have given them impetus to continue the war, rather than sue for peace. If it wasn’t for Nicholaa, we may have had a King Louis on the English throne!

Nicholaa was also the first female sheriff to be appointed in her own right, in England.

Nicholaa is an enigma: a woman loyal to the detested King John, despite everyone else turning against him. What made her so loyal – and what made her such a formidable opponent of experienced, hardened soldiers?

Date: Thursday 17th March 2022

Time: 7pm – a 45 minute talk with a Q & A afterwards

Venue: Online

Tickets: Members £6 & Non-members £8.

Notes on speaker: Sharon Bennett Connolly is the best-selling author of 4 non-fiction history books, including Ladies of Magna Carta: Women of Influence in Thirteenth Century England. A member of the Royal Historical Society, Sharon has studied history academically and just for fun – and has even worked as a tour guide at historical sites. She writes the popular history blog, Sharon regularly gives talks on women’s history; she is a feature writer for All About History magazine and her TV work includes Australian Television’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?

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