Raised Terraces and Walks

Raised Terraces and Walks

Terraces were built in the direction north to south from the Tudor period onwards, often with rubble from previous houses and spoil from digging out fishponds or canals. Approached by stone steps, they carried long gravel walks, sometimes with a Banquet House, Summerhouse and Bathhouse as a feature at the end of a walk.

The terrace walk at Harrington Hall has often been associated with the Victorian poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson. However, it might date from the Elizabethan period or, considering the stone urns, the late 17 C.

Watercolour (C. 1869) of the terrace walk at Harrington Hall.

19th century photograph of the terrace walk at Harrington Hall (Image: Terence Leach Collection, held in Lincoln Library).

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