Dan’s Work Experience Week

Heritage Lincolnshire is a great charity that preserves historic sites and monuments in not only Lincolnshire but all over the country. My experience of work and working with people here has been brilliant and some of the stuff that they do is amazing for sites all over England.

Lots of the stuff they do is purely for the benefits of the surrounding communities and for the site they are working on and preserving as well. I can’t explain the amount of work people here put in so that Lincolnshire and the rest of England has a history to remember for 1000s of years to come.

The best part was when I went to the Holbeach Nuclear bunker with Charlotte, the Site Manager at the Heritage Lincolnshire centre in Heckington, which I don’t think many people can say that they’ve been inside a Nuclear Bunker. While the least best experience of it all has got to be scanning the long barrow site with the Geophysicists (just because it was cold), Sean and John, so we could see if the structure we suspected was a Long Barrow but unfortunately it wasn’t but even then looking at the data we collected it was totally worth it.

Overall it was an amazing experience and I would thoroughly recommend it for GCSE Geography and History students who are interested in the heritage side of affairs in those subjects and want to preserve some of England’s incredible history.


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