25th Anniversary

Conserving our rich heritage

We are the most active Buildings Preservation Trust in the East Midlands and have completed 8 projects to date. Our brand new project starts this year so look out for exciting news to be announced soon.

  • 116 High Street, Boston - £2.4 million project to restore this Grade II* listed building completed in 2012
  • 7-13 Bridge Street, Horncastle - £1.3 million project to rescue these Grade II listed buildings from dereliction and imminent collapse
  • we manage 8 historic sites, monuments and buildings (Tupholme Abbey, Bolingbroke Castle, Tattershall College, Temple Bruer Knights Templar Preceptory Tower, Holbeach ROC Bunker, Mill Hill Cottage, The Old School in Heckington and Hussey Tower) – all of which are examples of the rich and varied heritage of the County which should be conserved for future generations.

We work with others to assist in getting their projects up and running – e.g. Heckington Windmill (assisted group in gaining £1m HLF grant), Benington Community Heritage Trust (supported group at early stage and helped to gain £1.8m HLF grant) and Sneath’s Mill (helped the group to rescue the Grade I windmill and undertake urgent works).

Buildings Preservation Trust

“Heritage Lincolnshire is important for bringing grants into the County which support local employment, and for itself providing employment for young professionals. Job creation and financial wealth that without Heritage L would go elsewhere. Together with its volunteer programme these the most important reasons for HL’s existence”

Amazing discoveries

Spalding new road excavation

Spalding new road excavation

Heritage Lincolnshire, and its commercial archaeological unit Archaeological Project Services, have made some fantastic discoveries over the last quarter of a century. Here are a few highlights:

APS project at New Road, Spalding (2003) - Excavation revealed remains of  medieval buildings, one built in stone and featuring an undercroft.

Tupholme Abbey glass fragments

Glass from Tupholme Abbey

Tupholme Abbey - Medieval glass found at Tupholme Abbey during conservation works. Heritage Lincolnshire has owned this important Witham Valley monastic site since 1994.

Bardney Abbey - APS joined the local community to work on the ‘Bardney Abbey Revealed’ excavation undertaken by the Jews’ Court Trust in partnership with the Bardney Heritage Group and Bardney Heritage Centre and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The abbey remains were originally excavated between 1909 and 1913 but subsequently covered over in the 1930s to protect the stonework. The 21 st century excavation revealed the north wall of the refectory and parts of the east and west walls together with the seating platform along with the stone sockets for the tables.

Hoplands skeletonFormer Hoplands Business Centre, Sleaford (HBCS09)- Archaeological investigations revealed a late Iron Age/Roman skeleton. A late Romano-British cemetery (probably C3 to C4) was uncovered consisting of more than fifty three individual graves.

Lidar - Lidar is a remote sensing technLidarology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analysing the reflected light. Using funding from English Heritage and data from the Environment Agency, our archaeologists produced these innovative images, giving a new perspective on the past landscapes of Lincolnshire.

Danesgate Roman mosaic

Danesgate Roman mosaic

Danesgate, Lincoln - In 2003 APS undertook an excavation in Lincoln’s city centre in advance of the construction of The Collection museum. A Roman mosaic floor was revealed after digging through 2,000 years of the city’s history and is now displayed in the museum.

Heckington School Test Pit

Heckington Test Pit Weekend -As part of celebrations to mark our 25th anniversary, Heritage Lincolnshire has been running a community archaeology project in Heckington. We worked with over 100 people to dig test pits across the village. 
Find out what we've discovered.