Heritage for the Future: East Midlands

To compliment Build for the Future and to keep in line with Heritage Lincolnshire's  charity mission, 2023 will see the introduction of a brand new sister event ‘Heritage for the Future; East Midlands.’

This event has been created to encourage local businesses, community groups, projects and individuals within the heritage industry to find out more about saving their local heritage and how they can support local community groups and organisations. A ‘Meet the Funder’ event will welcome some of the national bodies to talk to people about how to get funding and encourage new businesses to become involved as contractors, as well as professional bodies from across the UK in all industries and membership organisations.

The CPD Talks and seminar programme will run alongside Build for the Future’s with a heritage led aspect, opening up the heritage world for anyone to get involved.

Practical demonstrations of traditional heritage skills will be on display and local colleges and universities will be encouraged to come along to have a go and find out how they can get involved in the local industry.

Why should you take part?

Build for the Future is returning for their third event in 2023, following the successful events in February 2020, September 2021 and May 2022.

The annual event has enabled businesses across the heritage, construction, sustainability, property and trade to showcase, connect and network with fellow industry professionals.

To reconnect with the charitable mission and objectives, Heritage Lincolnshire are introducing Heritage for the Future and working in partnership with the Heritage Trust Network to bring together the heritage organisations of the East Midlands even closer.

This event is aimed at heritage organisations across the East Midlands to discover how to access funding, how businesses can support their local heritage and how they can promote themselves to work on heritage buildings, speak to professional bodies and connect with membership organisations for support and advice.

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Working in Partnership with the Heritage Trust Network

Heritage Trust Network is the UK’s membership body for community organisations, charities and social enterprises that are saving, restoring and managing historic buildings, parks, gardens, structures and landscapes. We connect people so they can share experiences and best practice, learn from each other and provide mutual support. Our popular training events, conferences and ‘Network Natters’ are held regularly and we work closely with funders to bring the latest opportunities to our members.

The Network includes organisations specifically set up to save heritage sites, as well as community organisations that deliver other types of services but have found an ideal place to operate in a historic building or space. We also welcome individuals, businesses and local authorities that support local heritage action.

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