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Heritage Lincolnshire are a local charity working to conserve the rich history of the county for the benefit of people who live and work in the area.

"Heritage Lincolnshire has shown itself to be a robust and reliable independent charity capable of safeguarding the County’s heritage in all its many manifestations. It deserves the support of the people of Lincolnshire"

Dr Michael Ashton, Trustee

Founded in 1988 and based in Heckington at the Old School, Heritage Lincolnshire are a local charitable trust which undertakes a range of activities in the promotion and conservation of the County’s heritage.


Our charitable aims are lifelong education, building conservation and archaeological fieldwork and research. We also have a national reputation for the conservation and re-use of historic buildings and for delivering innovative activities that engage and enthuse local people.

'Tupholme Abbey' by Andy Wash

Consultancy Work

Heritage consultancy

Heritage Lincolnshire

We are the most active Buildings Preservation Trust in the East Midlands offering a wide range of Consultancy services dedicated to preserving and developing historic buildings, providing effective and sustainable conservation plans and working with local community teams to secure funding.

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Archaeological consultancy and fieldwork services

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The Heritage Consultancy team also work alongside our commercial archaeological team; Archaeological Project Services who offer a comprehensive range of consultancy and fieldwork services to clients across the construction and development industries, public bodies and private individuals throughout the country.


  • Greater Lincolnshire Construction and Property Awards 2022 finalist for the The Old King’s Head project in the Development Project (Under £5million) award category.
  • Flora Murray award from The Society for Lincolnshire Heritage and Archaeology for our project ‘Layers of History‘ in February 2021
  • Investing in Volunteers Quality Standard – February 2020
  • Shortlisted for The Georgian Awards – Georgian Building in an urban Setting
  • Civic Trust Awards 2001 – Commendation
  • Civic Trust Awards 2007 – Commendation
  • Best project with significant volunteer involvement for Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days (Awarded by – LCC, Lincs Heritage Fund & HTL)
  • St John’s Workhouse, Boston – Regional Runner Up with Celebrate Creativity
  • Lincolnshire Heritage at Risk 2010


  • IHBC registered CPD provider  (Awarded in January 2022)


Heritage Lincolnshire (HTL) were initially engaged  by Worksop Priory and Gatehouse Community Trust to provide a programme of activities to increase community engagement in our long term aims of restoring and regenerating our Gatehouse, a 14th century listed building. Various actual activities were planned, which because of restrictions could not take place, and then the ideas started to materialise!

Two virtual events, a Medieval fayre, in September, attracted nearly 14,000 people, and again during an online Christmas Fair in December 13,000 people were reached, plus many more social interactions. Concurrently a Gatehouse ‘virtual sales brochure’ was published online as a business opportunity which attracted 3,800 people.

These examples and more have been a testament to all HTL’s brilliant work, and thanks to their very innovative, and imaginative efforts and approach, many more contacts were made which would never have been achieved had these occasions had been ‘Live’.

Total professionalism has been shown throughout and it has been a pleasure to work with all the Heritage Lincolnshire Team.

Fran Walker

Chair of the Worksop Priory & Gatehouse Community Trust

Heritage Lincolnshire made an outstanding contribution to our team, and their involvement was crucial to our success.

Jim Bailey

Mill Manager at Heckington Windmill Trust

In my view the track record of Heritage Lincolnshire as a successful, experiences and local charity is second to none.  It has always shown great commitment and ability in executing large heritage projects and providing outcomes that usually exceed expectations.  The Trust is particularly good at project management and it has a good record of engaging with local people and with community groups.

Steve Lumb

Head of Built Environment & Development at Boston Borough Council