Heritage Open Days 2023

Heritage Open Days is your once-a-year chance to discover some of Lincolnshire's rarely seen historic treasures, with exciting experiences that bring local history and culture to life, for free!

The festival celebrates England’s architecture and culture by allowing visitors free access to interesting properties that are not usually publicly accessible or would normally charge a fee. It also includes tours, events and activities that focus on and celebrate the local heritage of the area. Heritage Open Days is England’s biggest and most popular voluntary cultural event and is also held in a further 48 countries across Europe.


For the 2023 festival, events will take place over a ten-day period, from Friday 8th to Sunday 17th September:

The Arts of Lincolnshire – Creativity Unwrapped

In 2023 we are celebrating the stories and work of the experts and enthusiastic amateurs who add that something extra to all aspects of our daily lives. So, whether you’re thinking of the Arts with a capital ‘A’ or art in all its lowercase glory – from high-brow literature to slam poetry, Old masters to street art, fashion, architecture and garden design – we want to know your stories!

Want to get involved? We can help!

We hope that you're as excited about the festival as we are. If you'd like to join in the fun, or find out more then get in touch or have a look at our organiser page below.
If you're ready to register an event then you can do it online via our web form, or download a Word or PDF version from the organiser page.
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Thank You for Your Support

Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days couldn't run without the support of dozens of organisers, hundreds of helpers and volunteers, and local councils for Lincolnshire.


In particular, we would like to thank the Heritage Open Days Steering Group, who meet on a quarterly basis to lead on the festival, the Events Development Group, who go out across the country to meet and engage with local organisers, and local authorities whose financial contribution keeps the festival running year on year.

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