Local Artist supports The Old King’s Head

The Old King’s Head is working with two local artists to support selling their work, as well as helping us to display some beautiful artwork throughout the property for our guests and visitors to enjoy.  You may have seen some of these original pieces proudly displayed on a visit to see us since we opened on 1st October,  but if you haven’t been yet, make sure you take a look and consider supporting one of these amazing talented artists.

Karin, is originally Norwegian, and moved to the UK 25 years ago, had children and worked in the NHS for a long time. However, she has always been painting and drawing between raising kids and working, but now creating art is her full time job.

Find out about more about Karin, and what she thinks of her artwork being enjoyed by so many  of our guests:

Most of your artwork is local scenes from around Boston, what has inspired you to concentrate on this Lincolnshire town?

I originally started training in graphic design, and now work mainly with watercolours and ink. However, the drawing part of my work is still important as I like to draw local scenery such as Lincolnshire landscapes, the bustling market in Boston and also the serene nature at Frampton Nature Reserve. Every place has its unique personality, and I see beauty and interest in English brick houses, busy market stalls, old farm buildings, and the changing seasons around Kirton and the Wash.

I like to draw and paint on location, and will sometimes sit along the Wormgate area in Boston drawing the old buildings, or travel to the coast to sketch boats and harbour scenes.  These sketches can be the beginning of paintings, which I will finish in my studio in Kirton.

You are the first local artist whose artwork is displayed in our newly restored Old King’s Head, how does that make you feel?

I am very pleased and honoured to display my artwork in the beautiful Old Kings Head in Kirton.  Having lived in Kirton for many years, it is a pleasure to see the building restored to such a high standard.

I am a member of the Kirton and Boston art groups, and of the Lincolnshire Artists Society. Belonging to a group is a great way of painting and also a lovely place to meet nice people and socialise.

If people would like to get involved in art locally, how would you suggest they do that?

I teach sketching and watercolour painting locally and also in Norway. I sell work through my web page, from the studio in Kirton or in exhibitions.  Information about exhibitions and art classes are listed on my webpage.

Where else can people see your artwork or make a purchase? 

All the paintings at the Old Kings Head are for sale, and a percentage of the sale goes to support the important work of Heritage Lincolnshire.

You can see more of my art here:  www.karinchristensen.com

You can follow my art journey  on Instagram:  karin.sketching