Mark Steadman – Wayfarer Posts at Cogglesford Watermill

Mark has been working on wayfarer posts that are inspired by the mill’s rich history.

“The towpath by the mill would have been full of dray or draft horses, pulling huge barges full of sacks of flour. The horses, and the world that comes with them… of stablehands, steadmans, farriers and saddlers, all contributed to a life around the mill and the canal that has now all but disappeared.” 

 He is using metal and wood in his artworks which are designed to be touched. The chain used on the horse carving above is actual used heavy horse chain.

As well as developing his own artworks, Mark has been working with artsNK to set up an engagement programme around the commission.

“It’s been a busy time for me at Cogglesford Mill as I introduce four artists to the project and the site. These artists will run workshops across August and September that explore the links between the site’s incredible history as a busy hub of industry and the tranquil and fascinating break from modern life that it offers us today as a visitor centre. There will be printmaking with Will Lindley, ceramics with Kate McBride, kiln-fired glass with Liz Pearson and wood carving with Peter Wood. The artists have been familiarising themselves with the site and its history and it’s going to be great to get to work with them and explore how we weave the creations from their workshops into the work I’m creating for the site.”

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