Our experience at Heritage Lincolnshire

From left to right: Oliver, Gabriel, Harry


Hi, we are 3 Boston Grammar School students, Gabriel, Oliver, and Harry. We have been partaking in a work experience at Heritage Lincolnshire for only a week, but we have learned a lot and have a lot to say.


Why did you come to Heritage Lincolnshire?

We chose this place because we have a collective interest in history and archaeology, with Heritage Lincolnshire/APS having them both! During our time at our work placement, we believed that we could learn more about Heritage Lincolnshire and APS and the work they do.


What did we do here?

Over the week we were given a group-based project creating trump cards based upon the East Coast of Lincolnshire. On Tuesday we went to the Heritage For The Future show at The Lincolnshire Showground.  Over the next few days, we continued the group project but also looked at buildings within Heckington and analysed their construction and what time periods they came from. We also got to go through the finds shed and clear up some finds that were taken from a dig site.


What did we learn here?

We learnt how to accurately date buildings based upon the way the bricks are bonded and different construction techniques. We also learnt how to research listed buildings through the use of specialist websites. When we were in the finds shed we got to learn how to properly clean archaeological finds.


Was anything difficult?

Some of the research was difficult due to a lack of information available. Dating buildings was also difficult as many shared characteristics from different time periods and so that made it hard to distinguish what period they were from.


Did you face any surprises?

We actually surprised them with our productivity on day one as we did two-thirds of the project work that was meant to last the whole week.

We ourselves were surprised by a few stacks of leaflets that had to be organised into little packs that were meant to be given out at the Heritage For The Future event, however we dealt with this as we made an efficient process between us.


What was your favourite part?

Gabriel: my favourite part was doing the research for the trump cards of the east coast. I got to play with the trump cards for Boston which I really enjoyed because I really like card games and I love the similarities as I know Boston.

Oliver: my favourite part was learning about the conservation planning and the walk. Especially learning about the history of architecture over the years of religious and non-religious buildings. I loved it when we walked around the village discussing the age and style of the buildings together.

Harry: my favourite part of the work experience was when we go to go into the archaeological finds shed. I got to chat with Denise about excavation sites and she showed me pictures of the bronze age barrow that was dug up. We got to go through a bag of finds that were taken from a current dig and cleared the mud of off them. Denise also personally showed me a Saxon pendant that was unique and interesting with many delicate details.

Do you plan to come back to Heritage Lincolnshire?

We might be more focused on school, but we may participate in some events if we hear any. It could also further interest us into looking into something like this as a future career.


Thank you Heritage Lincolnshire for the amazing experience!

Harry, Oliver, and Gabriel