Our Week at Heritage Lincolnshire – Work Experience Blog

Our week has been great and filled with so many different activities. This work experience hasn’t just been your bog standard shadowing but has been interactive and engaging with activities both on site and across the county. They not only aimed to give us a true experience of the working world but also a chance to participate in useful sessions for Heritage Lincolnshire, such as filling out context sheets for their APS team and trialling different workshops for upcoming events. We have to agree that the highlight of the week was helping to reconstruct a Roman jug though, that was nearly two millennia old.

We also helped with a GPS scan of Sleaford Castle which we made into a 3-D image on the computer. This taught us how to use new technology but also allowed a new opinion of “Castle field” to be formed for its history rather than its reputation. We also were given an independent project for us to complete during the week whenever we had a spare second and this project was on social media and what ideas we could come up with to bolster the online presence of the charity.

Though challenging, every task that was set for us to complete was enjoyable and helped us to gain a broader understanding of what it means to work in heritage. Regardless of what team you work for or what your job role is, this proved to us that you can guarantee crossover. The teamwork that we witnessed was extraordinary and everyone has either terrible puns or gory stories that really make the atmosphere relaxed with many new jokes forming over the 5 days we were there.

The working environment isn’t scary or intimidating at all and the people are really nice. They’re all really friendly and happy to help, however busy they already are and are willing to take you under their wing for any project you get involved in. It became apparent the further into the week that we got that you have to be a specific type of person to work for Heritage Lincolnshire, and having a good sense of humour is top of the list, of course.

Finally, our advice for future work experience placements, is to have fun. Although it is a working week, it is important that you come away from it having enjoyed your experience. You will be tired at the end of every day but you can’t let that deter you, you’ll come away with a sense of achievement and a newfound confidence in yourself and what you can do.


Robert and Jodie