The Old King’s Head; Supporting Lincolnshire Business Chris Vaughan Photography

Throughout the project we have had several local Lincolnshire businesses supporting us and one of those is photographer Chris Vaughan.  Chris has been a part of the project since the start and has seen the transformation through the lens of his camera.

We asked him a few questions about his time on the project and here is what he had to say:

What works have you been doing with the Old King’s Head?

Throughout the project, I’ve been documenting and telling the story of the renovation work being undertaken at the Old King’s Head.

The Covid-19 lockdowns did get in our way with the regular visits to the site, but despite this, we were able to capture images that show just how much work has gone on at the site.

It was also important to photograph the people involved in the work. Shaun Gay and his colleagues from Splitlath have played their part in the history of the building.

Since the site has been completed I have been back on site to produce images that can be used in publicity and marketing material both in the run-up to the opening and attracting customers for the cafe and B&B part of the Old King’s Head.

Because funding for the project has been provided by several external providers, photography is a powerful tool to showcase how their money is being invested in the project.

How did you get involved in the project?

I was recommended to Heritage Lincolnshire, and after going through a formal tender project was awarded the photography contract.

After being awarded the contract, I met with Hannah Thompson (Heritage Lincolnshire’s business development manager) and colleagues from Shooting Star and Root Studio, who were responsible for handling PR, brand and design for the project. It was important to learn about the plans for the Old King’s Head to make sure my images fitted in with plans.

I also took the first opportunity I could to go on a hard hat tour at the site and learn about the building and the works that are planned. I felt this would give me a greater understanding ahead of photographing the whole project.

How have you found working with an old building?

I’ve worked on many construction sites over the years, so this hasn’t been a challenge personally.

I think the history of the building has added something extra to the photoshoots.

At 6ft 3 tall the challenging bit has been getting into and out of what is now called The Duff Room!

What do you think of the transformation that has been achieved?

The transformation is certainly impressive! I was slightly lost for words when I got to the site to take the images of the finished building – which was the first time I’d seen the site since pre-Covid-19 lockdowns.

I’d seen the plans for the project, and you know if an organisation such as the Heritage Lottery Fund is providing money it will be completed to a high standard, but seeing the site before work started it was hard to imagine just how impressive the transformation has been.

How has it been capturing The Old King’s Head throughout the process?

It has been a fantastic project to work on. Something I’m proud to have been involved with.

I hope my images tell a story of the work and the people involved in this project.

What’s more, is I’ve got to work alongside some really friendly and highly skilled people which has been an absolute pleasure.


A huge thank you to Chris and if you woudl like to take a look at his work please take a look online at