Work Experience Blog – Elicia

After spending a week of work experience with Heritage Lincolnshire, I have been able to gain a valuable insight into the work they do. During my placement, I have been given opportunities to get involved with events as well as being able to complete a self-guided project.

My experience has been incredibly positive and welcoming, and I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to observe the way the team works together in such a friendly and professional manner. They were all happy to help me throughout the entire week, giving me suggestions when I struggled with a part of my project, and finding books for me that they thought I would be interested in.

During my week, I was given the task to complete a social media plan about the town called Boston. I enjoyed researching the historic buildings using the fascinating books and resources given to me. I learned about ‘the Stump’, the largest parish church in England, and how Boston became a popular port town, which thrived on trading after they built a new dock in 1881. It has been very interesting learning about the history of the town, and the old photos that I have been shown of it has reminded me how much I love researching historic buildings.

I was given the opportunity to attend an event in Sleaford where we were able to talk to the locals about Sleaford Castle and find out what they would like to see happen to make Sleaford Castle more known about. I was able to get involved which gave me a real idea of what it would be like to work with a charity such as Heritage Lincolnshire. We also went to visit the archaeological dig that was happening at Sleaford where I learnt about the site in more detail and was able to observe how they planned to dig the site in order to find new information about the castle.

Visitor to Sleaford Castle on Friday.

The tasks that were set for me to complete were challenging yet enjoyable and helped me to gain an understanding of what it means to work in heritage. The teamwork that I saw made it clear that there are always overlaps with jobs in heritage, and I was shown how the team are able to work together, creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment to work in.

I have really enjoyed my experience working with Heritage Lincolnshire, and I have come away with a sense of accomplishment, and a better understanding of potential career paths I may choose to follow in the future. My passion for heritage and conservation has been strengthened by this experience, and as a result, I am able to make a more informed decision about my plans after completing my A-levels.

Elicia Terry