What is next for the Young Archaeologists Club?

Want to get involved?  Sessions are held at St Peter-At-Gowts church hall, Lincoln, 10am-12pm on the first Saturday of the month.  Anyone aged 8-16 is welcome to join in!

Each ‘Term’ hosts a total of three sessions over three months, and cost £10 total per member.

‘Special’ sessions have a one-off charge of £5.

Summer Term 2022 (Dates for sessions are: 30th April, 18th June and 2nd July)

Archaeological Skills with the Lincoln Archaeology Group – we will be exploring pottery, bone, and excavation as we learn the skills to tell stories about the past, using things there were left to be found.

Summer Special 2022 (date TBC)

Fieldwork opportunity TBC

Autumn Term 2022 (Dates for sessions are: 3rd September, 1st October, 5th November)

Local study on Boston Did you know that Boston used to be the second richest town in England, and even had pirates lurking around?  We will be uncovering this story by using maps, exploring the standing buildings, and getting crafty!


Christmas Special 2022 (3rd December)

Skills of the Stone Age Craft Fayre

A chance to try your hand at stone age skills and crafts!