Lincolnshire Folk Tales

About the project:

The Lincolnshire Folk Tales project (2024-25), funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and hosted by the School of Arts and Humanities at Nottingham Trent University, explores the origins, legacies, connections and futures of Lincolnshire folk tales. The aim is to encourage wider engagement with this heritage from writers, the general public, and scholars. The project will include an exciting range of books, events, and workshops, as well as an interactive website with a folk tale locations map and a public forum. It is intended to probe several questions, for example: how do folk tales respond to the specific cultural and social circumstances that engendered them? What might ‘lost’ folk tales have to tell us? How can contemporary writers and poets respond to current social concerns and modern living through the reinterpretation of regionally-derived folk narratives? How have migrations into Lincolnshire – both national and international – augmented folk tale traditions in Lincolnshire, and how might they do so? And how can we further develop structures and networks that enable folk tales to be (re)interpreted, developed, performed, and shared?

The project is led by Rory Waterman and research fellow Anna Milon, who look forward to hearing from you:  this project is intended to be yours, and is open to literally everyone, especially if you have a connection to Lincolnshire. Please visit, have a look around, and get in touch!


Heritage Lincolnshire is supporting the Lincolnshire Folk Tales project through a series of workshops and live events.

Heritage Lincolnshire and Nottingham Trent University are proud to present a series of theatrical performances and new storytelling workshops celebrating the folklore of Lincolnshire.

Lincolnshire Lore

With three free performances, across the length and breadth of Lincolnshire, each will reflect how the diverse landscape of the county affected local stories and legends, with a different set of stories specific to the area. Led by Time Will Tell Theatre and accompanied by Lincolnshire folk songs performed by the up and coming, fantastical Mossy Christian.

Myth Makers

Our three afternoon storytelling workshops are designed for all ages and is a perfect activity for families, letting everyone unleash their creativity!

Myth Making afternoon workshops and Lincolnshire Lore evening performances:

31st August - Lincoln

21st September - Grimsby

12th October - Bourne