Peterson’s Oral History Project

From Briny Beginnings to Smoking Kippers

The Grimsby Docks, more recently known as the Kasbah, is full of a network of memories which tells the story of the town’s iconic fishing heritage. The Petersons Oral History Exhibition delves into those unheard stories of two specific buildings in the heart of the Kasbah: Peterson’s Smokehouse (Building 49) and Fred’s Fisheries (Building 89.)

This exciting exhibition sets the scene for what everyday life was like for those who used to work in both buildings. From briny beginnings to smoking kippers, you can listen to 6 memories voiced by people who knew these historic buildings like the back of their hand and learn a thing or two about how these buildings had a big role on the docks.

We want to extend our thanks to the voices and volunteers of Petersons Oral History Exhibition for sharing your memories and collaborating to celebrate the Kasbah's incredible heritage.

Alf Working on Herring Splitter

The Oral History Exhibition is part of the wider Peterson’s Project funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund and Architectural Heritage Fund, organised by The Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust, North East Lincolnshire Council and Associated British Ports.

The transformative project will restore and bring back into use the 19th century Peterson’s Smokehouse with adjacent building, Fred’s Fisheries, a Victorian set of offices used for fish processing, on Wharncliffe Road.

Visit the Kasbah website to find out more: