Clue 1

The Clue

You’ll have to explore around the back of the church for your first clue and find the grave of Alice Martin, the wife of George Martin who had the job of ’Carrier’ in the 1841 Census.


The Question

How old was Alice when she died?


If you’re struggling to find the grave, check the back of the graveyard towards the little wooded area.

Alice’s grave can be found amongst several other graves belonging to her relations as it was traditional to have family plots in the churchyard.


If you are really stuck the answer can be found below. Please do not scroll any further unless you wish to see the answer.













The Answer

Alice was 56 years old when she died. Life expectancy in the past was very different from what we expect today. The average life expectancy for an adult was 40 for me and 42 for women.

The Letter