Clue 11

The Clue

Dating back to Saxon times, Cogglesford Watermill is believed to be the only Sheriff’s watermill still in operation in England. Like Clover Warehouse, the mill also has anchor plates which reinforce the building, making it more stable.

The Question

What shape are they?


Look for the black plates on the mill.

They will match one of the shapes on your trail.


If you are really stuck the answer can be found below. Please do not scroll any further unless you wish to see the answer.










































The Answer

The anchor plates are shaped like two crescents placed back to back. There were many mills along the River Slea across the eras. During the construction of the Sleaford Navigation, in the 1790s, locks were installed at each of the mills to maintain the necessary water required to operate the mills. This was replaced with a weir after the Navigation closed.

The Letter