Clue 2

The Clue

Look across the road to see the Sleaford Almshouses or Bedehouses founded by Robert Carre in 1636 to house ‘12 poor men’.


The Question

Which cardinal direction is on the street sign attached to the end of the buildings?





A cardinal direction is the name given to the points on a compass.

Look straight at the Almshouses and then search the wall to the left.


If you are really stuck the answer can be found below. Please do not scroll any further unless you wish to see the answer.













The Answer

The street is called East Gate. The suffix ‘gate’ on many streets is from the Scandinavian word ‘gata’ which means ‘street’. It does not necessarily mean that a gate existed on the road but is named East Gate as it is the street that leads east out of the town.

The Letter