Clue 5

The Clue

The remains of Sleaford Castle lie in this field and are great to explore. It was built between 1123-48 and was never attacked, but fell into ruin in the 1500’s when its stone was taken to build houses in the town.

The Question

What colour is the flag on the L of the Castlefield sign?


The sign can be found at the entrance to the castle site before you go in.

Look at the main sign and pay close attention to the word CASTLEFIELD to find the flag.


History of the Castle

Sleaford Castle was one of three built by Alexander de Blois, Bishop of Lincoln (1123-48) and Lord of the Manor of Sleaford (1124-39), the others being Newark and Banbury Castles. It is thought that the castle probably operated more as a Manor House than a fortification, having an orchard and dovecot together with a large barn for storage of produce from the Bishop’s land.

Sleaford Castle never came under attack, however, following the siege of Newark Castle in1139 Bishop Alexander was forced to hand over possession of Sleaford Castle to King Stephen in order to be released.

The Castle was later returned to Bishop Alexander but was again forfeited to the crown under Edward II in the 1320s.

King John stayed at the castle following his ill-fated crossing of the Wash in 1216, although extremely ill he travelled on to Newark Castle the following day where he subsequently died. Henry VIII and Katherine Howard also stayed at Sleaford Castle in 1541, holding a Council there.

In 1544 the ownership of the castle was handed over to the Duke of Somerset, but returned to the Crowns possession in 1546, shortly after which the castle began to be robbed of its materials for constructions within the town of Sleaford. There now exists only a small corner piece of the castle wall at the North-Eastern corner of the Site.


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The Answer

The flag is green. It’s also worth looking closely at the picture as it’s a good reconstruction of the castle as it was during the height of its use.

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