Clue 7

The Clue

Handley was an entrepreneur and MP for South Lincolnshire from 1832-1837 He championed farming and agriculture, and was President of the Royal Agricultural Society. The people of Sleaford raised over £900 for this monument after his death.

The Question

What was his first name?


The Handley Monument is very tall. You should be able to spot it from the High Street.

Stand so the statue of Handley is facing you and look at the front of the monument to find his name.


If you are really stuck the answer can be found below. Please do not scroll any further unless you wish to see the answer.



































The Answer

His full name is Henry Handley and he had 10 children! He regularly spoke out against corn imports and believed in the use of steam power. He supported steam railways rather than canals showing great forethought for the future.

The Letter