Sleaford Explorer Trail – Clue 9

The Clue

The building with green features is Navigation House and was the administrative centre for the Canal Company at the centre of the bustling wharf. It is the only known remaining canal office in the country. It is often open to the public so pause to go inside and learn more about it and the wharf.

The Question

What number is on the green door?


You will need to enter Navigation Yard to find this clue.

Look for the building with the green door and green painted window frames. It also has a crest in the centre of the front wall.


If you are really stuck the answer can be found below. Please do not scroll any further unless you wish to see the answer.






































The Answer

The number on the door is 1. The building was used to process the tolls charged for use of the Sleaford Navigation Canal. It was finished in 1839 and was used for meetings as well as accommodation and workspace for the weighing clerk, complete with a weighing station.

The Letter