The Blue Trail : Longer Route

Starting Point: Boston Railway Station

Stretch your legs as you circle round a wider area, taking in heritage gems like Hussey Tower and the Maud Foster Windmill

Expected Completion Time: 2-3hrs

  Start at the Railway Station

  09. West Street Signal Box

  08. Swan House

  05. St Botolph's Church

  04. Old Magistrates' Courts

  03. War Memorial

  02. The King's Arms

  01. Maud Foster Mill

  07. Shodfriars Hall

  10. Blackfriars Theatre

  11. The Guildhall

  12. Fydell House

  13. Hussey Tower

  14. Garfitt Bank

  Finish 06. White Hart Hotel

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Blue Trail

List of Stops

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    08 Marius Maud Foster 02

    01 Maud Foster Mill - Grinding Grain by Maud Foster Drain

    The Grade I Tower Mill is located on Wiloughby Road by the Maud Foster Drain. The Amazing survival of the mill is largely the result of the efforts of Mr. Basil Reckitt, the original builder, Isaac's great-grandson.

    Windmill (18+); Shop Open Wed & Sat

    Marius Macau

    2 boston heritage trail cropped

    02 The King's Arms - Beer & Barges

    Built around 1820 in red brick towards the end of the stagecoach era, the King's Arms only first appeared on the licence list as a pub in 1825. It is likely it was built to serve those who worked on the barges navigating the Maud Foster Drain.

    Open to the Public

    08 Kayleigh Memorial

    03 War Memorial - An Immortalising Memorial

    The memorial was erected as a tribute to the people of Boston who went missing or were killed during the two World Wars. A total of 348 names date to the First World War and soon after the end of the Second World War another 215 names were added.

    Open to the Public

    Kayleigh Severn-Smith

    08 Adina Courthouse 01

    04 Old Magistrates' Courts - Magistrates on the Market: The Sessions House

    Little has been changed about the building during its 180-year history. The front exterior is very imposing, thanks to its Gothic style, and when looking at its crenelated towers you can't help but think it looks like a castle. However, if you go round to the back of the building, the architectural style looks more like a church!

    Currently in Use as a Gym

    Adina Balcina

    08 Stefania Stump 06

    05 St Botolph's Church (The Stump) - Wool, Cotton & Ghostly Grey Ladies

    St Botolph's Church, affectionately known to locals as 'The Stump' was built in 1309. The tower is one of the tallest medieval towers in the country. The Stump sits within the historic heart of Boston, and the town developed around it.

    Open to the Public

    Stefania Onua-Giliciu

    08 White Hart

    06 White Hart Hotel - Inns & Intrigue

    Even though The White Hart opened in 1804, the grand Victorian hotel was not the first inn to stand on the site, evidence suggests that the site was occupied in the 1200's! It has a long political history, with its fair share of intrigue and corruption.

    Open to the Public

    Aleksandra Petrova 

    08 Millie Shodfriars 03

    07 Shodfriars Hall - Timber Framed Guildhall to Music Hall

    A historical monument with a beautiful, detailed interior, built in the 15th Century and renovated in 1874. A most striking timber­framed building at three storeys. It also saw the stage debut of Britain's first drag queen.

    Not Open to the Public at Present

    Millie Jones 

    08 Swan Building

    08 Swan House - Plucking at the Past

    Constructed as a feather factory, the Trinity Street building is an amazing Neo-ltalian architectural gem from the height of Boston's industrial wealth, proudly topped by an enormous but elegant swan statue.

    Not Open to the Public

    08 Signal Box

    09 West Street Signal Box -Tracking Industrial Heritage

    The West Street Signal Box was built in 1874 along the Great Northern Rail line from Nottingham to Skegness and was one of 14 signal boxes dotted along the route. It is a fantastic piece of industrial heritage and was still running until recently.

    Not Open to the Public

    08 Molly Blackfriars 01 Cropped

    10 Blackfriars Theatre - Plays in the Priory

    Even though the rest of the five-acre friary has
    been lost, it is likely that today's Blackfriars building would have sat on the southern edge of the cloister courtyard. Following extensive alterations and restoration works, the newly converted theatre opened in 1966.

    Open to the Public

    Molly Epton

    08 Azlea Guildhall 02

    11 The Guildhall - Jail Cell Selfies!

    St Marys Guild was founded in 1260, it had grown wealthy and by 1390 it had built the Guildhall. It is the earliest brick building in Boston, and possibly even the whole county. It's currently used as a visitor information centre and local museum.

    Open to the Public, Wed-Sat 10:30am-3:30pm, last admission 3:00pm

    Azlea Feeley

    08 Karolina Fydell

    12 Fydell House -Queen Anne Style

    Described as the grandest house in town, it was home to the prestigious Fydell Family who lived in the house for 140 years.

    Open to the Public

    Karolina Smaizyte 


    13 Hussey Tower - From Lord to Rebel

    Learn more about the tragic fall of the once rich and powerful Lord Hussey. From owning a great medieval house and holding prominent positions within his King's court to losing it all, along with his life.

    Limited access to the public With Information Panel Available. The ground might be muddy!

    08 Star Garfitt Bank 03 cropped

    14 Garfitt Bank - Old Bank New Money

    Throughout its history, 116 High Street has served as a home. Lincolnshire's first private bank, it was sold in 1893 and became the Lincolnshire Diocesan Home for Fallen Women and then later it became offices for potato merchants. Rescued by Heritage Lincolnshire in 2012.

    Not Open to the Public

    Star Doughty