Additional Heritage Development Trusts awards announced

The Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) has announced three additional awards in its Heritage Development Trust (HDT) programme, to organisations leading heritage-led regeneration projects in towns in England and Heritage Lincolnshire are one of those Trusts!

The grants form part of the AHF’s Transforming Places through Heritage programme, which focuses on high street and town centre renewal and are funded through the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. The AHF’s HDT grants offer support to these organisations as they undertake one or more significant historic building regeneration projects and develop a clear action plan for building a portfolio of heritage assets. During the grant period, the organisation is expected to diversify and grow their income stream, develop partnerships with a range of local stakeholders, and emerge in a position to play a leadership role in developing heritage- and community-led regeneration within their communities.

Our Chief Executive Officer Greg Pickup, has said:
“Our historic town-centres have really suffered. This funding provides an exciting opportunity for us to reimagine the incredible heritage of a town like Boston and be at the heart of its future transformation.”

For more on the HDT concept see below a short film:


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