Custodians of Continuity?


An academic text written by Paul Everson and David Stocker

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The Premonstratensian Abbey at Barlings and the Landscape of Ritual

This study explores the landscape of religion by investigating the physical remains both of the site of Barlings Premonstratensian Abbey, and of the Abbey’s ‘home estate’, an area of some 200 km squared lying East and North East of Lincoln.

The study operates at several level. Most simply it offers an account of the components of the chosen Monastic landscape – the Abbey site itself, the Abbey’s planted town, manors and granges, mills and churches – all considered as elements of the various ‘resource zones’ in which they lay and which they exploited. The study thus includes accounts of buildings and landscapes ranging from unrecorded 14th century stone grange buildings to plough-levelled barrows. Investigation of these components offers not just an account of unknown Medieval landscapes, settlements and monuments, but also an appreciation of how they interacted and how they responded to pre-existing settlement and land use.

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