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The Longwool Collection of merchandise has been created as part of our new diversification into holiday lets throughout Lincolnshire. We are currently restoring Pow Cottage in Tattershall, and have recently opened up our 16th Century restored Coaching Inn, The Old King’s Head which is a 9 bedroom B&B based in Kirton near Boston. A new website will be coming soon to showcase this new area within the Trust.

From this project we have developed four unique animal characters in our Heritage Lincolnshire colours. These are the Longwool Sheep, which is our headline character, alongside the Curly Coat Pig (which is now extinct), the Lincolnshire Buff Chicken and the Lincoln Red Cow. All of these animal breeds are native to Lincolnshire and we are proud to showcase them on our new merchandise including cushions and cups.

There are four in each collection for you to purchase and all proceeds from purchasing these products will be directed back into our charity for us to continue our charitable aims of supporting, saving and transforming our counties incredible heritage.

Lincolnshire Buff chickens were bred in significant numbers on Lincolnshire farms between the 1850s and early 1900s. This coincided with the development of the railways that enabled fresh produce to be transported easily, for supplying the London markets. The Lincolnshire Buff was a fast-growing, hardy bird that had excellent table qualities.

By the turn of the century, farmers could not sell Lincolnshire Buff for even half the price of the Buff Orpington that had gained popularity. Their fate was sealed, and they declined rapidly in the early part of the 1900s. The breed, although popular as a table bird, never made it into the British Poultry Standards.

During the late 1980s, a project was started to re-create Lincolnshire Buff chickens, and they entered the British Poultry Standards in 1997.

Bone China cup – capacity of 320ml, 104mm (h) 75mm (d)

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