Twentieth Century – What Heritage?


Edited by Paula Judson & Chris Lester, a celebration of Lincolnshire’s Twentieth Century Heritage.

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The twentieth century was a period of intense change – more so perhaps than any other period in history; this booklet describes changes in housing and lifestyle, the growth of commerce and leisure, changes in industry and transport, the evolving landscape and growth of environmental awareness. These social, political and environmental changes are ‘documented’ by the legacy of the evidence around us in the shape of the landscape, buildings and other structures.

The issue of what is ‘heritage’, especially when it relates to the recent past, is open to debate. This booklet gives some notable examples, including buildings and other structures, which have become part of the everyday scene but which are unique to the twentieth century. Other examples have a specific or clandestine purpose. Some examples cited will be preserved as ‘monuments’ for the future; others have already been demolished and no longer exist, except in photographs and people’s memories.

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