Kickstart Conservation Trainee Laura – one month in!

It has been a month since I started working here at Heritage Lincolnshire and it has gone by in a flash. I am loving working in the conservation team and learning so much about buildings heritage and conservation. Coming from a background in archaeology I already had an enthusiasm for historical things, but this job so far has only expanded my knowledge and enthusiasm for more recent history.

I mostly work alongside other team members in a supporting role for projects such as the Town Deals in Boston, Skegness and Mablethorpe where I am enjoying finding historic images of the target areas. In supporting more standalone projects, such as Outreach to Ownership and a survey of the heritage sector in the midlands for Historic England, I am able to work more independently completing my own tasks and working with others in the team to improve my skills.

My larger project at the moment is developing a framework for KS3 engagement in Greyfriars alongside Katy-Jane and Katherine. I am gathering information and researching to develop some exciting ideas to make learning about the history of such a fantastic building engaging and exciting for 11–14-year-olds. I expect dressing up and artwork will feature strongly in this programme.

In the last week, I have finally (!) been able to visit some of the buildings and sites which have been occupying my days for the past month or so. Very enjoyable and informative visits to Boston, Mablethorpe, Greyfriars and The Old King’s Head in Kirton all took place in one marathon week.

Everyone here at Heritage Lincolnshire have bee incredibly welcoming and supportive since I started. I hope they enjoy working with me, just as much as I have them so far and that the next four months or so continue on this trend!


Laura Dunham

Conservation Kickstart Trainee