The Old King’s Head welcomes back Luke Gill, former resident

You have heard a lot about the Duff family who were former residents of The Old King’s Head, but during this project we have also got to know some of the other former  families and on our first day of opening on Friday 1st October we welcomed Luke Gill back to the house he shared with his parents Reuben and Jacqueline in the 90’s.

Luke discovered that there was a room named after his family and got to have a good look around the transformation that has seen his former family home brought back to life.


What do you remember most about living at The King’s Head as a family, and why was it such a great family home?

What I remember most about the house is that there was always something to do like explore the barns and playing in the field out the back finding little bits of history like the hanging bottles in the loft or even the rooms in the loft and this made it a great house to live in as kids we were never bored and we had plenty of space.

What do you think of the restoration works that have been completed by Heritage Lincolnshire?

The restoration that you have done is out of this world and absolutely stunning the bedrooms are breathtaking and heritage sound be very proud on what they have achieved. I look forward to staying in the gill bedroom sometime in the near future and my son is very excited to come and try some cake.


Luke’s final comment to Heritage Lincolnshire was, ‘Thank you once again, my parents would of loved to have seen it.’


On the opening day, the Duff family got a chance to meet Luke and took over the Snug spending hours in there, looking at old photos together and sharing their memories of living in this fantastic historic building and growing up!

How wonderful that these two families got to meet and both lived in these same four walls!