The Old King’s Head; Supporting Lincolnshire Business Ali Carrotts Soft Furnishings

Husband and wife team, Ali and Ian Carrott, have helped us to make the inside of The Old King’s Head look cosy, warming and comfy with all their beautiful soft furnishings.  All of the cushions, blinds and bed throws have been expertly made to measure, and created down the road in Bicker, Lincolnshire, just for us.

We have already received some fantastic feedback on the furnishings

What works have you been doing at The Old King’s Head?

The works we have been involved with at The Old King’s Head are the manufacturer and installation of the windows dressings,  bed throws and cushions.

How did you get involved in the project?

We got involved with The Old King’s Head project through Simon Johnson, Heritage Lincolnshire’s Interim CEO and now Business Consultant to the project, whom we have made window dressings for before, as we are are a long established local family business producing quality bespoke soft furnishing in our own work rooms just 6 mile from The Old King’s Head.

How have you found working with an old building?

Working on The Old King’s Head with its quirky charm and idiosyncrasies is what we specialise in. We love the challenge of the interesting and the different and The Old King’s Head certainly is both of those, with challenging windows sizes and shapes, it has never been dull throughout this one.

How have your products helped bring the rooms back to life?

It’s great to see our handmade products made locally by local people being used to bring life and a contemporary yet traditional feel to a beautiful old building.

If you would like to get in touch with the team at Ali Carrott’s please go to their website and contact Ian on 01775 822155