Ancient Warfare
Topic 4: Anglo Saxons

During the fifth century Lincolnshire was subject to periods of raiding and settlement by a diverse group of peoples described as Anglo-Saxons, and coalesced into the ‘island’ kingdom of Lindsey.

Lindsey’s independence appears to have been relatively short lived and for most of the Anglo-Saxon period it was under the rule of either Northumbria or Mercia. With conflicts between these two larger kingdoms, Lincolnshire men would have been engaged in raiding, conquest and defence.

The main arms were spears, knives and shields and the remains of these have been found in a number of cemetery sites in Lincolnshire.

Image of spear armed warriors from Saxon metalwork. (Photo: Portable Antiquities Scheme)

Anglo Saxon spear head and shield boss from North Kesteven. (Photo: Portable Antiquities Scheme)